Akoè Studio
2023 Agenda





Shiro Eco Digital 120gr, transparent PVC, Fedrigoni Black & Black 400gr


A5 [closed format], spiral binding coil on long side

L'immagine mostra il progetto nel suo complesso e la facilità con cui l'agenda stessa si riesce ad aprire

The project

I designed the Akoè Studio 2023 agenda trying to go beyond its basic organizational functions. It can be enriched, as an object of daily use, with additional stimuli for the user. In fact, in this project weeks and months are punctuated by a series of aphorisms and archival images in order to encourage reflection by the reader. The request of the customer was, therefore, also to imprint a visual research of images to accompany a series of aphorisms selected by the staff of Akoè Studio.

The agenda

On the main body the 2023 agenda has been designed to try to maintain continuity in the layout of the days between the various months as much as possible. For this purpose the solution found involves the use of transparent pvc printed as an introductory cover for each month. This has also made the agenda easier to consult. The rigidity of the pvc sheets allows you to jump easily from month to month. Instead, at the head and at the end of the agenda were placed envelopes for documents. It was decided to use a coil binding, in order to allow an agile disassembly of the book and to properly recycle all the materials used.

The research

As already mentioned, I researched and selected photographic archival artifacts for this project covering a time span from about 1860 until 1964. To do this, the selection was made through the Flickr Commons service, thus marrying the concept of sharing and free use of the historical resource. The images chosen had to be able to convey some key concepts organized by the customer and that could strengthen the aphorisms present in the weekly scan of the agenda. A special section was created to place a visual index of archival images. The agenda was produced in a low number of copies and for internal use only for Studio Akoè professionals and therefore not for commercial purposes.

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