Annuario 2020




Sarah Mazzetti

110 years of history

With Promemoria Group, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the Archivio di Stato di Milano (ASMi) for the editorial design of the 2020 Yearbook. On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the publication of the first issue of the magazine, ASMi approached Promemoria to take over the editorial design of the issue. The first 150 copies featured a silkscreen graphic by Sarah Mazzetti, an award-winning and internationally renowned illustrator. The artist was inspired by a book of drawings from 1624 associated with the figure of the artist Luca Riva, which is kept in the State Archives in Milan. This work is in continuity with the editorial valorisation of archival material that Promemoria successfully carries out with the magazine Archivio.

Modernity and order

The structure of the editorial layout of the ASMi Yearbook 2020 is geared towards academic use. The pages are designed according to a specific division of space that is geared towards an academic function. In each article, in addition to the footnote area, the text is always flanked by a white space intended as a special area for academic annotations. The geometry of the pages is designed to foreground these possibilities without losing an orderly, professional and modern appearance. The chosen colour loosens up the layout and gives it a touch of liveliness without losing its professionalism.

Illustrated re–interpretation of an archival document, illustration by Sarah Mazzetti

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