Marketing Arena




A project by:


Creative director:

Laura Bortoloni

Art director:

Laura Bortoloni


Marco Crivellaro


Samuele Grando

A brand identity ecosystem

Project, developed in collaboration with IDA Studio, aimed at crafting a comprehensive brand identity ecosystem for the new logo of Marketing Arena agency and its four sub-brands. This design challenge led to the development of five distinct marks: one primary logo and four secondary ones. The outcome was a modern, modular, and dynamic visual communication, seamlessly integrating all brands while allowing each to maintain its own independent identity.

This project was honored in 2023 as the Gold Winner at the European Design Awards in Luxembourg.

European Design Awards 2023, Gold Winner in Company Logo category

The concept

The main theme of the identity is “strength in unity.” In this sense, the strength of the brand lies in its ability to act as an aggregator and bridge between otherwise distinct realities. Visually, four independent elements establish relationships and connections among themselves. They thereby acquire a new meaning, a fresh interpretation. This gives rise to the monogram “MA”, which stands as an acronym for the brand. Marketing Arena represents the union of all elements within this system: from communication links to the individual entities that comprise it.


The monogram was designed to allow its constituent elements and connections to expand or contract, to move within space. This gives rise to progressively new visual variations and applications. This behavior also serves as a metaphor for the brand’s adaptability and versatility. Indeed, it has the ability to modify its structures based on the situations and conditions in which it operates.

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