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Lorenzo Feliciani

From paper to the web

Progetto Grafico is an international graphic design magazine published by AIAP, the Italian Association of Visual Communication Design. The magazine approached myself and Lorenzo Feliciani to create a website to promote their publication. The brief was to develop a single-page website with multiple sections, structured in a similar way to a multi-page website. For this reason this project was a true challenge in terms of design and development, but one that ultimately satisfied the client’s needs. Lorenzo and I collaborated on the graphic design and web development of the site.

Single-page multi-page

The website design is minimalist and makes use of a serif typeface. In order to do that, the central copy of the site introduces the user to the magazine and its creators. With each new issue of the magazine, the number displayed in the copy is automatically updated, providing a visual link between the magazine and the website. Clicking on the number reveals the true body of the website’s content: a frame where the various sections of the site are developed. Navigating through the menu options, the requested content is always loaded onto this same frame, creating a unique browsing effect for the website.

Vista sulla sezione Colophon del sito di Progetto Grafico magazine

Article page

At the client’s request, the website design had to accommodate three different levels of content structure for each article: one for images, one for text, and a third for notes. As such, the page was divided into three columns, each dedicated to a specific type of content. The decision to exclude the single article element from the initial one-page design was made for both practical reasons, such as easier online sharing, and structural constraints due to the limited frame space. Given that an article requires more space to fully articulate its content, it was necessary to provide a more expansive layout for its presentation.

View on the Blog section of the Progetto Grafico magazine website
View of an article on the Progetto Grafico magazine website
View of an article on the Progetto Grafico magazine website

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