Annelys De Vet

Graphic concept:

Tommaso Anceschi, Vito Battista, Caterina Birolo, Lorenzo Boero, Chiara Coscia, Marco Crivellaro, Lorenzo Feliciani, Alice Figus, Elisa Giarolli, David Giovanatto, Alice Guarnieri, Giulia Lantier, Jennifer Lavia, Flavia Lunardi, Nicolò Oriani, Deepa Mary Parapatt, Gianluca Piovesan, Valeria Pugliese, Jacopo Undari

The workshop

Subjective Activation was a workshop led by Annelys De Vet, at the invitation of Matteo Guidi, held at ISIA U in Urbino in 2018. The activities revolved around design as a practice to activate new methods of learning and expression. Divided into four teams, the participants designed four completely different laboratories. The ultimate goal was to cultivate an assertive mindset to initiate, trust, and design new situations based on shared values and talents.

Web design

The graphic concept was collectively conceived by the workshop participants, with the aim of creating a visual structure that could serve as an online container for each laboratory, while also telling the story of the workshop. A team made up of representatives from each laboratory then worked more specifically on the design of the website and its development. This allowed me to focus on this project in particular, ultimately taking on the task of web development.

The narrative

Upon landing on the website, visitors are presented with four windows, each representing one laboratory. This serves as the first level of narration and introduction to the laboratories through four animations, one for each window. Rather than using logos, the identifying element for each workshop was an animation or action, creating a direct reference to the theme of activation, central to Annelys’ workshop. Each event was communicated through a series of photographs, documenting the experiences and final results.

Regrettably, the Subjective Activation website is no longer accessible.

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