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Studio Sette

Studio Sette [Seven Studio] is a web development studio founded by Ferdinando Cambiale and Luca Musolino. They approached me to design and implement their brand identity and design their website. The client gave me full freedom to design their identity. The basis for this was an intense communication between them and me. This continuous exchange between us made it possible to shorten the project duration and find a solution that met all the requirements.

The hero in the day version of the website
The logo and a small symbol system designed for Studio Sette, day version on a light background

The logo

The logo design revolves around two numbers: 7 and 2, the first for obvious reasons arising from the studio’s name, the second as a reference to the professional figures Luca and Ferdinando who make up the team. In the main part of the logo, the glyph of the number 7 is made up of seven bands, four coloured and three empty, separating the previous ones. This play of visible and invisible bands is meant to be a metaphor for the convergence between front-end and back-end development. The lines form the number by revolving around two circular elements representing Luca and Ferdinando, as if influenced and shaped by them. The logo as a whole is almost built as if it were the brand of a television channel and in this sense plays with the idea of a studio.Il logo nel complesso è composto quasi come fosse il marchio di un’emittente televisiva, giocando sull’idea di studio in tal senso.

Web design, icons and colors

The structure of the website was designed to be simple and straightforward so that it can be easily adapted for mobile devices. To enliven the design, bright and energetic colours and a series of abstract icons designed for the occasion were chosen. The website has a night and a day mode, so that the visual impact changes according to the visitor’s preferences and is reminiscent of the typical night view often used by developers. A jamming television effect enhances the play of the logo and simulates a television station.

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