The New
Graphic Languages



Designed with:

Caterina Cerni
Matteo Palù
Valeria Pugliese​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Silvia Sfligiotti

Between analogue and digital

The New Graphic Languages project presents a research on contemporary graphic design and its tools, serving as a means of design analysis for current design practices. A selection of designers and representative projects spanning a wide range of possibilities were carefully curated. The main investigation was developed to examine and catalog the nature of the selected projects, distinguishing between analog, digital, or mixed-matrix approaches. At the beginning the project originated from an article by Muriel Cooper in Design Quarterly in 1989.

The selection

The selection of the research sample did not take into account the importance or fame of the authors. Each project had to stand out from the others for a reasoned use of the medium and the production process to be chosen. A system of parameters considered relevant for the investigation and that could give an effective value to the realities of the sample was built. The main parameters describe the type of design process, the final output, the resulting aesthetics, and the presence or absence of human interaction. Each project is described on a double page, pairing the text with a selection of relevant images. A series of final tables represents the synthesis of the analysis performed and the conclusions drawn.

The book as a tool

The editorial design of The New Graphic Languages book goes beyond a mere paper-based presentation of its contents. Infact the manual has been designed to be a tool for reading and a more immediate understanding of the displayed content. The cover of the book has been specifically created to be an analytical tool, as two indexes have been placed on the inner flaps: one for the images and one for the parameters. By opening them, clever graphical devices allow for a more effective level of reading. In this sense, the book becomes a true means of design analysis of contemporary graphic design through the investigation of the presented sample.

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